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Freedom Convoy 2022 - Sparking Global Hope

When I first heard news of a Trucker Convoy on Jan.20th I was beyond thrilled! I was so excited to see that there were people ready to take serious action to end these unlawful mandates and restrictions. I became hooked on news and videos and couldn't get my eyes off Instagram, these images and videos were so beautiful and emotional. Canada was finally uniting over a common cause; freedom. We stocked up a bit just in case, though I haven't seen much shortages since around here in Scarborough. As the convoy rolled through Toronto, I made sure to participate with my family in the send-off on a nearby 401 Eastbound bridge, we couldn't miss this historical moment!

As soon as my friend Anna Sienicka asked me if I wanted to join her for the start of the convoy presence on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, it was a big yes from me! The weekend prior was the Worldwide Freedom Rally in Toronto, which already had a very powerful energy and drew a large crowd, despite the middle of winter temperatures. I was already powered up by the uplifting and inspiring energies going around, after feeling a bit weighed down and hopeless for about a month after realizing how challenging travel had become. I always had hope throughout all this madness but didn't imagine such a change of events so quickly.


I knew the event was going to be intense that I almost felt nervous with excitement as we headed up there, like butterflies in my stomach. We were in a few mini convoys driving up there and it was super fun! Ottawa streets were filled with cars and trucks with flags and signs of all kinds, I'd never seen anything like it! As we approached Parliament Hill on Saturday (we had to park on the Gatineau side) we saw more and more people, already you could feel the energy and the joy in the air. Canadians were happy to be out celebrating and uniting while being inspired by these courageous truckers! My Dad is a retired trucker so I already had a respect and soft-spot for truck drivers, I know they are a very under appreciated profession. The closer we got the more in awe we were of how many people were there, it was surreal! Right in front of Parliament it was so crowded we were shoulder to shoulder, nobody was wearing masks and everyone was free to smile! Speeches continued for a large chunk of the afternoon with all kinds of inspired and passionate speakers. We walked along on Wellington and finally stepped onto the street amidst the parked trucks. What a feeling! So much power! Every truck had a sign with a statement, some were quite creative and very professional, a lot of time, money and thought went into them. We spent 6 hours walking down Wellington and some side streets where we saw more trucks on the first day. You could start up a conversation with just about anyone and have a very interesting and thought provoking discussion. People were hugging, laughing, smiling, high-fiving and dancing all over the place. There were people of all ages, all colours, all cultures and all religions. I feel like it brought out the best in every body, the inner child was free to play and be happy, and the soul was ignited with passion and joy!

Unfortunately many local shops, cafes and restaurants in the downtown core were closed, I think they were scared (by the media) or the government told them to remain closed. That made it a little difficult to find a washroom. But we did manage to find a couple gems where we could warm up, grab a hot drink or meal and use a bathroom. The places that were open were very nice and freedom friendly.

At the end of the first Saturday we were exhausted like never before from the marathon we just walked! But it was totally worth it and the next morning we were ready for more! The whole atmosphere was so magical and incredible, it really became addictive. I've never seen so many happy people in one place like that before. It was basically one big giant party! People really needed this.


The next weekend I went up with my parents, I was really happy to hear they were up for it. After being there the previous weekend I knew it was something they had to experience. My parents escaped communist Poland with me when I was 2 years old, then we lived in Austria for one year before moving to Canada in 1982. I always really appreciated Canada but not so much Toronto, but that has since changed. I knew what a great country Canada used to be, so watching it dwindle and fade over the last couple years into something unrecognizable was heartbreaking. My husband will be moving here from Cuba in about a year and I was quite upset that he wouldn't get to see what Canada used to be. But now we all have hope! Even Cuba, a communist country, doesn't have the same extreme restrictions like we do currently.

The second weekend was just as amazing! This time it was 4 days and each day was just as fun, inspiring, safe, and heartwarming as the last. I was feeling a little sleep deprived (from too much excitement) so I wasn't as social as my parents, who were going up to as many truck and car windows as they could to thank each of the drivers who came in the convoy to protest the vaccine mandates. Each one was sincerely appreciative and friendly. I was grateful my parents had the energy and motivation to cover so much convoy ground, they kept up no problem. They had a great time and loved meeting all these wonderful people. Though my Mom realized it was finally time to get proper winter boots to avoid the dreaded cold feet feeling.


Prior to going up the second weekend my Mom got a contact for a volunteer Polish chef, Peter Zajac, who has a catering business (Catering A'La Carte & Delicatessen) from Mississauga/Toronto. Peter became the lead cook at Bikers Church (just outside downtown Ottawa) which was hosting meals for truckers and volunteers as well as creating a great spot for warming up and meeting people. My Mom having a huge heart brought over tons of soup ingredients: lentils, carrots, spices and Polish sausage, bread, and donuts for his kitchen as well as socks, hats and a couple sleeping bags. There were kitchens set up all over the convoy amongst the trucks where free food was being served to anyone with a growling stomach. It was really quite beautiful to see!

We met another kitchen organizer, Joe, who helped in the further down trucker comvoy district near the War Museum. When we asked him about donations he said there was so much food that some food was even going bad. There was such an out pour from supporters that it was overwhelming, the truckers were provided with everything they needed. All except what the government was still not willing to hand over; full freedom. What Joe suggested was to instead even donate to local charities in the name of the Trucker Convoy, he said there are people in need all over the place due to the restrictions of the last two years. We should all help eachother. I couldn't agree more.


And of course the corrupt mainstream continues to paint a tainted picture as they really do not like what we are asking, and especially the manner in which we are asking it. It has been a completely peaceful and wholesome protest and they are nit picking the most ridiculous things to make it look bad. I totally believe the racist flags photographed were intentionally planted by provocateurs hired by Trudeau and Co. They play a really sneaky game. Trudeau is extremely manipulative and a full blown narcissist, I don't trust anything he says. Even a trucker there said he was aware of a few staged incidents where the media just photographs the shot they want and then they are done for the day, while much of the truth is hidden and edited. He even told us that many of the truckers there are actually double-vaxxed and are done with the mandates and lockdowns and want this all to finally end. I never follow the news on anything and I live a much happier life for it.

Plus everyone attending this event has basically become a reporter, there is so much persoanl footage being taken and shared all over the world thanks to social media. Some things just cannot be hidden. Anyone can come down and see for themselves what this is really about. The whole world is watching and this has sparked convoys around the globe!


I was there for a total of 6 days and about 30 hours of walking around on the main areas and the side streets of downtown Ottawa. I did not see any strange racist flags, no violence, no rock throwing at businesses, no looting, no stealing of food, no harassment, none of that. Any business I did walk into was extremely kind and helpful. I even met locals who were happy to have us there and supported the protest. Including an elderly Finnish woman who lived on Queen St who said she hadn't been hugged in two years!

These truckers up on Parliament are doing this for everyone, not just for themselves. But for many its really personal; they have kids they don't want injected or be forced to wear a mask, they have a loved one that became injured or died from these shots, their business has been affected, they can't leave the country, they don't want any more shots, they want to live in a free country!

I highly recommend going there if you can, you will not regret it! This is a wonderful opportunity to stand up and show your support with a ton of like-minded people who want to see the Canada that once was. That want to live free and not be coerced into anything they don't want to do or need to do. This is about stopping a really scary train that won't end with a couple vaccines, this passport will become permanent and look a lot like the social credit system that China is using. I know many people don't believe that could ever happen in Canada, but thats exactly what it is. This convoy has sparked a fire within the souls of millions of people across Canada and the world and we will not let it go out!

We are already booked again at an Airbnb in Gatineau for Feb.13-15! Part 3 is coming :)

*Find me on Instagram for more photos and videos of the Convoy:


Though many were and continue to be closed downtown, here are a few where you will be welcomed!


3 Brothers Shawarma + Poutine | - Multple locations on Rideau Street and Osgoode Street

Deli Kat Cafe - 277 Spark Street

Euro Bistro | - 360 Laurier Avenue West

Cantas Fashion | - 700 Sussex Drive

Tim Hortons | 330 Queen Street


Catering a'La Carte - Peter Zajac | fb: peterzajac t:416 575 6809

*I will continue to add more as I find them! Let me know if you have some to add:



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