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Quartz Crystal - CELESTIA Orb | 10" Dia
What an incredible honour to be featured in this Canadian national magazine! This is my first offical magazine feature and I am beyond thrilled! Special thanks to Susan Vogan, creative director, who I met at the Yoga Conference in Toronto April 2017. Susan chose my art for this issue after seeing my booth display and connecting with this special celestial design.
*See my PRESS page for the full magazine spread

9"Dia Atom DreamCatcher



Crystal Prism - CELESTIA Atom | 9" Dia


I was pleasantly surprised by an unexpected post of my Crystal Prism - CELESTIA Atom to a DreamCatchers album by the facebook community page "A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust"! The album received over 60,000 shares in one week and my Atom recieved 4,000 shares alone and still going! This Atom happened to sell earlier this year in May at the local Yoga Conference in Toronto, and was actually the second Atom I ever made back in January (the first Atom going massively internationally viral as well!). But nonetheless I was quite appreciative of the positive response, feedback and inquiries!

Original Atom DreamCatcher

ADEPT INITIATES - Leland Judsyn | February 2016
Black Agate - NEBULA Atom | 9" Dia
I was so honoured that my first Atom DreamCatcher was the chosen artwork to be featured wth this fascinating article; Dreams of the Ancients written by Leland Judsyn. The mystery of dreams has been part of us since the beginning of time and this article delves into this topic so elequently... This website features a wide range of deep topics that will peak the interest of your mind and spirit.
UPDATE: This photo has been featured several times by different pages all over Facebook and Instagram over the past year since it launched on social media January 2016! So grateful for the mass postitive response! It's really a great feeling to be recognized for an original design. Thanks to all who shared!!
*See also: The Viral Launch of the Atom

3D DreamCatcher

ETSY HUNTER | January 2016


Mother Of Pearl - ISLAND LOVE Meridian | 12" Dia


Along with many other unique handmade goods, my first Abalone Shell Meridian was handpicked to be featured on this beautifully curated page. This dreamer was one of my fastest sellers as well! It was a bit of a fluke creation as it was originally intented to be something completely different but I love those kind of mistakes!


This was my first surprise Instagram feature!

3D DreamCatcher

ETSY ELITE | December 2015


Tiger Eye - NATURAL MYSTIC Halo | 10" Dia


Etsy Elite features many varieties of Etsy shops and sellers and it was such a compliment to be featured on their Instagram so enthusiastically!


"The Tiger Eye - NATURAL MYSTIC Halo is one of most unique creations with its tribal style and natural yet bold hues of blue. A powerful combination with the Tiger Eye gemstone centre pendant."




3D Orb DreamCatcher

SARAH LOVEN | December 2015


Crystal Prism - CELESTIA Orb | 9" Dia


Inspiring fashion blogger + model, Sarah Loven chose my Crystal Prism - CELESTIA Orb to feature in her vintage Airstream Reveal Part 2! Hanging amidst some very creative and beautiful fashion intimates, accessories and decor, this Orb dreamcatcher was a perfect fit to Sarah's gorgeous Airstream whimsical interior. A nomadic space that is truly inspirational and mesmerizing. Follow her and Josh's spectacular adventures on their website or Instagram account.




*See also: Inside Sarah Loven's Airstream | Part 2

3D Double Orb DreamCatcher

OUR BEST FINDS | July 2015


Shell + Rose Quartz - ISLAND LOVE Double Sphere Orb | 12" Dia


Dedicated to promoting and featuring the best of Etsy shops through their large Instagram following. They pleasantly surprised me with a feature of my Shell + Rose Quartz - ISLAND LOVE Double Sphere Orb on their beautiful feed.




3D DreamCatcher

JENNY BIRD for TGN | 2013


Picture Jasper - NATURAL MYSTIC Meridian | 6" Dia


As a tastemaker for the Canadian online boutique registry, The Gift Network, Canadian jewelry designer Jenny Bird featured my Picture Jasper DreamCatcher on her product collection of gift ideas for The Stylish Woman. What a compliment!

3D Natural DreamCatcher



Chrysoprase - NATURAL MYSTIC Meridian | 6" Dia 


This boutique centred online registry created a fabulous promo video for their website and featured local shops and their products, including Zenporium which carries my art. My Chrysoprase - NATURAL MYSTIC Meridian was handpicked from the Zenporium showroom display to be part of this video!

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