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How to De-Clutter with Ease

We all have a tendency to accumulate various things over time and when it comes to organizing or sorting, it can get a little overwhelming. Most people really don’t enjoy organizing or de-cluttering, but I actually really do! It has always come naturally to me for some reason. I see organized and un-cluttered space as a luxury. Also its less to clean and less to move (when that time comes). In every home, there are things that are necessities and things that aren’t. But some of the “uneccessaries” we collect are actually necessaries to us on a personal level. They can have sentimental value, reminding us of a special time, a special someone or sometimes we just hold on to it for reasons we aren’t even aware of.

A few years ago when discussing getting rid of personal items with a good friend, she said to me: Ask yourself “Does it make my heart sing or sink?”. These were some of the wisest words I have ever heard! Ever since then, when I contemplate an item I have, I ask myself that question. You will find most things really do fall into one of those two categories.

So why should we surround ourselves with things that don’t have any meaning? We need to surround ourselves with objects that we love, that make us happy, that inspire us! I personally have found that with age it gets easier, you know yourself better and what is truly important to you. If it only gets a “meh” out of you, pass it along. There are many places you can donate where someone who really needs that item will really appreciate it. Hold a garage sale or swap with some friends. Life is too short to keep items that take up space and collect dust. We live in an age of excess, the more we buy the more resources are being used from the planet. We don’t always remember that when we shop.

Minimizing your possessions is good for you on so many levels, don’t let those possessions possess you, free yourself from holding on to things for no reason. When I de-clutter (which I do regularly) it’s like breathing a breath of fresh air! Spring is here which is a perfect time for Spring Cleaning ;) Make it an enjoyable process by putting on some of your favourite tunes and de-clutter with flare! It can even be therapeutic! Energetically, you are allowing space for new things, clearing your past junk literally and metaphorically. Every object carries energy, you need to decide what kind of energy you want in your life. And if you are really ready to put on those fair-trade latex gloves and get down to business (Spring Cleaning that is), there are many earth-friendly cleaning products out there that are safe for you and all who reside in your home. You can even make them yourself with basic household ingredients, lemon juice, vinegar, borax, and add some essential oils for blissful scents.

If such a task is too much for you to take on and if you would prefer some professional help in this undertaking, you know who to ask!

Happy Spring De-Cluttering!

Spring Flowers
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