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AGA AZRA dreamcatchers are multidimensional, one of a kind pieces originally inspired by the ancient traditional and tribal craft of dreamcatcher weaving and slowly began in 2001. They are made using hand wrapped metal hoops and hemp twine woven webs. Each one is individualized with a variety of natural and dyed feathers, new and repurposed beads, and dazzling semi-precious gemstones sourced world wide. 

Coffee Tree Sculpture




BWAAJIGE NGWAAGAN | Dream Snare (Ojibwe)


The name comes from the ancient Ojibwe legend because it is believed to entangle bad dreams throughout the night and only allow the good to pass through, awaiting the morning sun (giizis) for cleansing. While the feathers bring the good dreams (bawedjigewin) down to the sleeper. There is also the ancient legend of Spider Woman, Asibikaashi, who was the original weaver of creation and took care of the people. The DreamCatcher was her gift to us, and an 8-pointed web represents the Spider Woman's 8 legs. The dreamcatcher web symbolizes the interconnectedness of all of creation, and the hoop itself represents strength, unity and the circle of life.


The origins of the dreamcatcher can be traced back to the Ojibwe (aka Chippewa) tribe who lived in the Great Lakes region of North America, and with time the traditional craft was also adopted by the Lakota people. Today dreamcatchers are found internationally in many Aboriginal tribes as a way of maintaining traditional spirituality. DreamCatchers were originally created for babies for protection, using natural materials such as willow and sinew which were not meant to last and therefore symbolized the temporary state of youth. They were the first original baby mobiles, giving the young child a beautiful handmade craft to admire and also help visually sooth them. DreamCatchers made for adults were made using stronger materials to symbolize adulthood.


I believe the DreamCatcher is also connected to the Dreamtime.. In the aboriginal culture of Australia, dreamtime is known as "The Golden Age" when the first ancestors were created, where all sacred knowledge comes from. Also known as The Dreaming, a time before the universe, before any memory or experience. *Read more: Dreaming and The Dreamtime


Many ancient cultures have legends and mythology based on this concept of a time before time, a source creator of all things, woven and connected together by a sacred thread. Some may be based on symbolism, but I believe there is alot more truth to it. Every legend is based on an ancient truth, translated into a beautiful story to help us understand and integrate into our being.

Mother of Creation - DreamWeaver


Susan Seddon Boulet - 1996

SACRED GEOMETRIC WEB | The Evolution of MultiDimensional Weaving


As my original inspiration came from a DreamCatcher gifted to me by a dear cousin after her travels to South Africa in 2000, it was how I taught myself the weave based on this two-dimensional web in 2001. I soon evolved into multidimensional weaving as it became a strong passion and I was very curious how I could develop it. Being aware that 3D double-hooped DreamCatchers have existed for many years I knew it was possible, evolving into a triple-hoop weave was an idea that I had never seen but couldn't resist attempting. It was successful on my first try and to this day my first Orb ever made still hangs in my bedroom. Being self-taught in any realm when possible gives the art so much more meaning and sacredness then when following the instructions of another.


As I create and weave, new meanings and symbolisms have unfolded to me. The first Orb I ever made felt like a 3D energetic model of the Earth and the Universe, similar to what we now know as the Torus formation thanks to Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Project. It was a profound intuitive teaching and evolution with many revelations I held to be sacred. Until this day each piece is special to me and is created to be unique. In one of the most powerful dreams I've ever had in my life, I was participating in a Sacred Ceremony amongst Elders of a tribe which belonged in the future (not anything I'd ever seen), not based in the past, as a group we were grounding a loving energy helping to evolve humanity and harmonize the entire universe. This dream holds strong with me still as a dreamweaver with a futuristic vision.


I believe tribal cultures all over this Earth were aware of the Sacred Geometry seen in the DreamCatcher weave as it is a symbol of creation on so many levels. Mother Natures blueprint. I've personally purchased DreamCatcher earrings in Guatemala many years ago made locally and can't help but wonder what their sacred awareness was of this weave. The appeal for this art seems to be universal, which is not surprising as we all recognize this pattern and harmonious beauty on a conscious and subconscious level.


I will forever remain a dreamweaver...


"The dreamcatcher is a well recognized, mysterious and primitive craft. Whatever the dreamcatcher means to you, I intend to inspire a sense of deep appreciation and respect for our tribal roots and the beautiful and abundant nature found on our planet. As well as a reminder of the Indigenous way of life, which means living in true harmony with Mother Earth. Whatever your age. culture or spirituality, the dreamcatcher is an ancient symbol of unity, peace and divine protection for all of us
We all dream." - Agnieszka Tarnawska-Hernandez

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