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AGA AZRA is art, design + a statement


Specializing in projects which are bold, unique, organic, and full of inspiration. Passionate about creating beauty and harmony in every aspect.


AGA AZRA holds on to elements of tradition, while breaking through their limitations with a sense of vision and evolution. A true appreciation of elegance and luxury, with a minimalistic and wholistic approach. 


Inspired by the ancient, the organic + the mystical


AGA - Diminutive of Agnieszka in Polish

AZRA - Blue in Egyptian Arabic 



Ugba - RAW CHARM Orb Chandelier | 14" Dia
Swag Light | Plug In



Dreams…what are they? What do they mean? Where do they come from?


Multi-disciplined artist and designer, Agnieszka Tarnawska, plays with the mystery of dreams and imagination through her work. Inspired by the abundance and beauty of Mother Earth herself, she can never run out of new and innovative ways to merge the past with the future, the old with the new, and the organic with the created.


Born in Gdansk, Poland, Agnieszka arrived in Toronto, Canada at the age of 3 with her parents. They left behind a country rich in culture and history but overtaken by communism. Seeking freedom and opportunity, they chose this land of great beauty and diversity. The First Nations people of Canada, their culture and deep rooted respect for Mother Earth, showed her what it means to live with honour and how to connect to our souls through creativity. 


She takes this organic approach with all of her work, while maintaining a strong sense of grace and elegance. Dreamweaver, sculptural installation artist, textile décor designer, and design consultant, Agnieszka has displayed her most innovative and magical work at some of Toronto’s top special events. She has even displayed her diverse design skills in distant lands such as Egypt, a country and culture which has inspired her with its history, beauty and mysticism. Having lived abroad in Poland, Belize and Egypt, she now calls Canada home again and has become even more passionate about exhibiting her creativity in a unique yet universal style.


Agnieszka began her multidimensional dreamweaving journey in 2001 after discovering her intuitive ability to weave, which was inspired by a special gift from South Africa. The sacred geometry of the traditional dreamcatcher design is fascinating, Agnieszka continues to find new ways of presenting this weave to the world. One of the most iconic of Indigenous crafts, the dreamcatcher is a true symbol of the invisible web that connects all of creation. It is a geometric pattern she also likes to call “nature’s blueprint”. ​

Tree Spirits | March 2023

This organic driftwood series came so naturally and unexpectedly. Agnieszka has always had a deep love of trees, wood, and water, so driftwood was the perfect natural medium to create new inspired pieces. The way the lakes and oceans sculpt each branch and twig over time became mesmerizing, and forming them through intuition and vision is perfection and connects her to nature in a most beautiful way. The Tree Spirits series includes wall art, wall hangings and smudge wands and possibly more to come. Agnieszka created a smudge wand for herself with a found drfitwood piece originally in 2020 and was meaning to continue creating more but it wasn't yet the right time. Now searching for dritwood on the shores of Lake Ontario while going for a nature walk is her favourite way to find art supplies.

Orb Lighting | February 2018

With the launch of her brand new line of lighting, Agnieszka's dream of 7 years has become a reality. A dream which was sparked during her life in Egypt in 2010-2011. In the ancient Egyptian culture, there are many beautiful handcrafted arts and lighting is one of them. This attention to detail and artistic approach to a household necessity was extremely inspiring and stayed with her upon her return to Canada. It was only a matter of time that the project began with the right design, which happened to evolve from her previous dreamweaving works. Agnieszka's love of sacred geometry, gemstones + natural materials, metal chains and futuristic concepts are now all harmoniously combined in her LED lighting line. Stay tuned for her passion of lighting to explode into many elegant yet playful directions!

The diversity in all my work is a reflection of my upbringing in Canada, one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, as well as my extensive travels.
I enjoy merging many different elements and styles, and forming my own. My curiousity for all things ancient, provides a timeless foundation for my projects.
In today's world, we are experiencing a re-emergence of ancient practices. A deeper understanding and appreciation of that knowledge and wisdom which was established thousands of years ago. The only way we will truly progress on this planet is to merge this ancient knowledge with today's technologies to create a thriving present and a bright future.

the future is in the ancient

Agnieszka Tarnawska





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