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This series is a result of years of dreaming, researching, experimenting and hard work. I have evolved my 3-hoop Orb design which I've been weaving since 2003, into a 4-hoop spherical light! Both woven + non-woven designs are now available. Every sculptural Orb is one of a kind and handmade in Toronto, Canada. My whole artistic + creative career has been leading up to this special moment!



12" | 14" | 16" | 20" 



Orb cages are made of hand-welded steel with a powder-coated finish:

Gold | Silver | Bronze | Gunmetal | Black | White 


- Orb Swag Lights come with plug-in cords (approx. 12-13' long) with switch

- Ceiling Mount (Hard-wired) fixtures are QPS approved and certified

- Woven Orb designs are made for LED bulbs ONLY. *Do NOT use any other type of bulbs as they can damage the weave.

- Non-Woven Orbs can use both LED or incandescent bulbs

- Two different bulbs (E26 base) are included with each light order

- 10W LED max. (= 60W Incandescent), 120V 

- Other specifications will be listed in product details in webshop




CELESTIA - Heavenly, angelic + joyful presence

DUALITY - Embraces the symbolic opposing polarities of life

EMPRESS - Celebrates the goddess + divine feminine

LUNA - Of the dark night + mysterious moon

MAJESTIC - Honours the strong divine masculine energies

NEBULA - Inspired by cosmic + galactic beauty

PHOENIX - Essence of the mythological bird of sun, fire + rebirth

RAW CHARM - Rough, rugged + real

TESLA Orb Light

The Prototype


I dedicated my first light to the legendary genius, Nikola Tesla, a man ahead of his time. A true inventive artist with a bright vision of a sustainable + electronically sophisticated future. Others took credit for his ideas + designs, but eventually Tesla was credited for most of his inventions. 


To this day, many of his papers + patents remain hidden as he was for free energy and had no interest in profiting like other corporations or inventors around him. Nikola died penniless January 1943 in New York City.

Nikola Tesla inspires me deeply and I feel proud to put his name on my first electrically charged industrial style Orb design.


This design also features a bare steel frame + aluminum chains, representing the industrial age from which many of today's household items were originally invented + produced.

Personal Collection | January 2018

"My love + admiration for lighting began as a child when I was able to choose my own lights in my bedroom, creating a playful fantasy world. But my true recognition for this functional art sparked during my life in Egypt in 2010-2011. Handmade lighting is a true art form in Egypt, like ornate jewelry for the home. This concept + dream has stuck with me since, and has finally become a reality! I can feel that this will become a life long passion!"

- Agnieszka Tarnawska-Hernandez

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