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Minimalism, Why The Trend?

Minimalism: a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simpicity

Many see minimalism as a modern trend, but most trends reflect social, political and environmental issues in our society. As our lives become more complex, the need for simplicity is becoming widely acknowledged. A minimalistic approach to interior design is very earth friendly. Making the most of the least helps conserve our natural resources, which are rapidly becoming less abundant.

Minimalism is also very beneficial mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our minds have become over-worked and stressed processing every detail in or everyday lives. Simplifying our surroundings allows us to become more clear minded and focusing our thoughts on what is truly important and necessary.

Much of what our minds process is perceived visually. We don't even realize how much we are affected by what we see. Our subconcious mind creates imprints, even of what the concious aspect of our mind is not aware of. Every environment we step into or artwork we admire impacts us on many levels. When the environment is filled with garbage or the artwork we see is disturbing, the impact on the subconcious can be quite harmful. It is important to always be aware of your own surroundings and how you feel in them.

Colour also plays a crucial role in our environments. We are seeing more healing methods where colour therapy is being applied. Another trend reflecting the growing awareness of the impact our visual mind can have on us emotionally and psychologically.

Keeping your environment clean, organized and aesthetically pleasing can have a tremendously beneficial impact. Strategic use of shape, colours and proportions help us to have a soothing yet stimulating space. When all emotional, physical, and psycholigical factors are taken into consideration, only then can a truly healing and functional environment be designed and created.

This is what wholistic design is truly about. Our interior space is a direct reflection of our mind and soul.

It is said you are what you are also what you see.

See beauty.

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