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I intend to create harmonious interiors and objects with a wholistic and sensible approach because the design is as unique as the individual. Bringing together a visionary fusion of ancient design concepts with today’s most cutting edge and environmentally sound technologies. I believe design can be a powerful tool for healing. 



The art of creating a harmonious space has been practiced by many ancient cultures since the beginning of time. It was not limited to any religion or culture. It was a practice that was intuitive and wholistic, followed with respect for the earth and inspired by the divine. Creating sacred space is a concept that is being revived in our modern world as it is vital for the health of our entirety.



Living on this planet, we must take every opportunity to maintain harmony on every level.

From the food we eat to the items we place in our homes, it is important to stay conscious of the short-term and long term effects they will  have. Sustainability has a become a popular word in our vocabulary, the global shift towards sustainable living practices is a beautiful thing! We need to treat every dollar we spend like a vote. It is an investment into the earth, into ourselves and our lives. Great positive global changes can be made with thoughtful choices of the people and businesses we support on a daily basis. It is important for me to support my clients in making choices which create a positive impact. We are all meant to thrive and live in abundance, and we can do this without causing harm to the earth.

An interior is the natural projection of the soul 

- Coco Chanel

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