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Orb Lights + Chandeliers that simply plug in! In my many years of dreaming of launching a lighting line, I knew I wanted to launch with a design that was truly my own. A design that I had already been creating + working with for many years in the form of a multidimensional dreamcatcher, but was now transformed into a light!


The Woven Orb Series was launched early 2018 with designs highlighting the intricate weave. The Orb Light Series has since evolved into a more minimal cage interior with a more elaborate exterior for a very different effect and style: Non-Woven Orb Series



12" + 14"  



Orb cages are made of hand-welded steel with a powder-coated finish:

Gold | Bronze | Gunmetal | Black | White 


- Orb Swag Lights + Chandeliers come with installed plug-in cords (approx. 12-13' long) with switch. They can be customized into a hardwired fixture upon request for $70.

- Woven Orb lights are made for LED bulbs ONLY. Do NOT use any other type of bulbs as they can damage the weave.

- Two LED Filament bulbs (E26 base) are included with each light

- 10W LED max., 120V 

- Other specifications will be listed in product details in webshop




CELESTIA - Heavenly, angelic + joyful presence

EMPRESS - Celebrates the goddess + divine feminine

LUNA - Of the dark night + mysterious moon

MAJESTIC - Honours the strong divine masculine energies

RAW CHARM - Rough, rugged + real


"Though my Woven Orb lights are very obviously similar to my Orb DreamCatcher designs, it was never my intention to create DreamCatcher lights but DreamCatcher-inspired lights. I want to maintain the sacredness of the dreamcatcher as a spiritual tool and symbolic craft. Lighting to me is also very special and important, but once you add electrical components you are completely changing the energy of the object. That is why you will not see feathers added to the design of the Woven Orbs, only the Non-Woven Orbs, this helps to differentiate and not make it a direct copy of a dreamcatcher... Though of course this was very tempting to do as I love to combine those materials." - Agnieszka Tarnawska-Hernandez

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