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Quartz Crystal - CELESTIA Orb





My first magazine feature and what an absolute honour to be a part of this exquisite Canadian national magazine! I'm beyond words seeing myself as a featured Canadian artist for the Boho Culture Summer issue! It means so much to receive such recognition for something I've been passionately working at since 2001. The Orb design was my own personal intuitive innovation in 2003 and I have since been evolving all my designs, materials and styles.


The Quartz Crystal - CELESTIA Orb, the chosen piece for this feature, is a creation inspired by one of my earlier classic best-sellers made in the Meridian (double-hoop) design. This time using Quartz Crystal in the centre and in the beading rather than crystal glass for that extra special touch and energy.


A very special thanks to Susan Vogan, creative director for OLM, who chose my art for this issue after meeting me at the Toronto Yoga Conference in April. I'm forever grateful! Also a big thank you to Vanja Vukelic, Merakilabbe, who was an enormous help with her photography for this feature, and making sure we got the perfect shot. So much gratitude beaming inside!


Quartz Crystal - CELESTIA Orb  

10" Dia

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