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As someone who feels very strongly about raising awareness + supporting environmental issues as well as social issues, I've decided to regularly choose a creation of mine and dedicate it towards a specific cause. For each chosen piece, 100% of purchase will be donated.  If you have any questions or recommendations for an important organization you feel needs support or attention please send me a shout!




This inspired program was originally founded by the magical Simarron Robertson of  DreamKeepers llc. The intention is to gift a special handmade dreamcatcher to a child in need of inspiration, love and hope. I got behind this program really fast as I believe it is a truly beautiful idea! I continue to gift my creations to children internationally on special and spontaneous occasions. 

AGA AZRA DreamCatchers - Palestine Orb CUSTOM 10D (4).jpg

MAP CANADA - Medical Aid for Palestine | January 2024


Howlite + Jasper -  PALESTINE Orb | 10" Dia


I had the honour of creating a very special dreamcatcher for Omar who wanted to gift his sister with a dreamcatcher which represented Palestine. His sister is a strong supporter of the Palestinian people and their right to freedom and peace. Sharing their beliefs and freedoms in their cause I was very happy to create this powerful piece.


I donated a large portion of the order to MAP Canada which sends aid and supplies to Palestine as well as helping building playgrounds for Palestinain children.

ANGIE & RUBY | February 2018
Crystal Prism -  CELESTIA Meridian | 9" Dia

I found this adorable duo on Instagram thanks to a video of Ruby shared by the Love What Matters page in Spring 2017. Ruby instantly touched my heart and brought me to joyful tears with her purity of spirit! I was so inspired and moved by this little girl that I had to send her a gift, a dreamcatcher that had her name written all over with its coral pink and sparkle.

Ruby is diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition, Stromme Syndrome. She truly is a rare gem! Angie, her mom, shares their daily adventures through their social media accounts. 
Instagram @angieandruby
Youtube angieandruby



Polychrome Jasper -  NATURAL MYSTIC Orb | 9" Dia


Scarborough Arts is a non-profit organization; the only arts organization of its kind specifically serving the Scarborough community. With a respected history and a friendly, capable staff, SA brings individuals and groups together to create and cultivate innovative arts and cultural programs in Scarborough. It bring artists to the community and community to the arts.


I donated the Polychrome Jasper - NATURAL MYSTIC Orb to the annual Alive With Art silent auction, the proceeds of this auction go towards various programs of this local organization.

Black Agate - PHOENIX Axis | 12" Dia
The ongoing protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota have really moved me, and for many reasons. The Aboriginal people of this land have been through so much, more than we can ever know. Their land and water are being threatened once again by this outdated form of energy consumption, sucking oil from the land while damaging all surrounding areas. Many other tribes and people have joined their protests which warms my heart to see. I have a deep respect for the tribal people of this land and this planet, and of course my art is initially inspired by their craft.
The funds from the purchase of the Black Agate - Phoenix Axis will be donated to the Standing Rock people and their cause. I chose this creation as it has a very strong, bold + peaceful presence, the way I see the Standing Rock Tribe .
*Thank you Becca from California for your purchase of the Black Agate - Phoenix Axis and helping me support Standing Rock!

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