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Artistic Orb Chandeliers that are now available in both plug in or ceiling mount designs. This Lighting series slowly evolved from the Woven Orb Swag Lights, I wanted to create a more intricate exterior design while maintaining a clean modern look. Allowing me to have a bit more fun with various chains, beads and gemstones ...and now featuring feathers! 



14"  | 16" | 20"



Orb cages are made of hand-welded steel with a powder-coated finish:

Gold | Silver | Bronze | Black 


- Plug In Swag Lights have 12-13' long cords with switch at end. *They can be customized into a hardwired fixture at desired length upon request for $70.

- Ceiling Mount (Hardwired) Chandeliers are QPS approved

- Two bulbs (E26) included with each light order. Bulbs are specifically chosen for each design.

- 10W LED or 60W Incandescent max. (120V) 

- Other specifications will be listed in product details in webshop




CELESTIA - Heavenly, angelic + joyful presence

EMPRESS - Celebrates the goddess + divine feminine

LUNA - Of the dark night + mysterious moon

MAJESTIC - Honours the strong divine masculine energies

NEBULA - Inspired by cosmic + galactic beauty

PHOENIX - Essence of the mythological bird of sun, fire + rebirth

"Lighting is such an important element in our lives and in our interior spaces. I always felt that lights are the cherry on the cake and  so much more. They provide light but why not also provide inspiration?  Something suspended in a solitary fashion on our ceilings deserves to be a focal point not just of practical use. Actually, everything we have in our homes should be dear to our hearts + something that makes us feel good and happy to look at. That's always been my perspective. Everything has a purpose and should be treated that way when its being made." - Agnieszka Tarnawska-Hernandez

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