3D Earthy DreamCatcher



- A fierce design with strong earth elements + warm tones

- Yellow Jade is a stone of wisdom, joy + positivity. Jade is known as the "dream stone" + assists in dream-solving. Jade was used by the Mayans during dreamtime rituals and accessing knowledge.

- Tiger Eye is good for confidence + enhancing creativity. It brings together the essence of sand + sun.



- Faceted Yellow Jade + Tiger Eye gemstone centre pendant

- Triple hoop weave with natural + brown hemp twine

- Wood, Tiger Eye + brass beads

- Wild Turkey feathers

- Hand-wrapped hoops with brown imitation sinew, one in brass

- Bronze chains

- Gold metal finishings


INCHES: 9"Dia x 26"L

CM: 23 Dia x 66 L


CREATED: October 2019


  • This Atom did not at all turn out the way I had originally planned, and I'm so thankful for that! Again I was playing with some current materials and in the background I was watching the McQueen documentary as I worked, and what an inspiration it turned out to be.. he is one of my favourite fashion designers of all time. His bold and unique style has influenced the design of this fiery Atom.

    Fall is also an influencer in this piece with all the warm, earthy colours and bronze tones.

    The Wild Turkey feathers are from Oregon thanks to Lindsea of Lulu Beading Bear.

  • A great birthday or Christmas gift for someone who appreciates earthy natural tones + textures and especially Fall colours!