Blue + White 3D DreamCatcher



- Vibrant + playful mystical dreamcatcher with an eclectic blend of gemstones and materials

- Turquoise is a very soothing + healing stone. Known by the ancient tribes of our Earth to represent the union between Mother Earth and Father Sky.

- Lapis Lazuli has been used by royals since the beginning of time for its metaphysical properties. It encourages self-expression and self awareness, it is a universal symbol for honor, wisdom and truth.



- Faceted Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli + Black Obsidian gemstone centre pendant

- Double hoop weave with white hemp + blue bamboo twine

- Crystal, glass + wood beads

- White goose feathers

- Blue Goldstone points on metal chain x2


INCHES: 9" Dia x 21" L

CM: 23 D x 53 L


CREATED: Decmeber 2019


  • I love when inspiration comes just by browsing through my collected materials. One of my favourite challenges is to work with what I've gathered. This dreamcatcher was inspired by the iridescent crystal beads which helped pull the other materials to itself with all the rich sparkly hues within it. 


    All the shades of blues in this creation make it a true pleasure to stare at!

  • The colours in this dreamcatcher may catch the eye of any lover blue tones. A perfect birthday or Christmas gift!