Black Geometric Dreamcatcher 



- Dark + iridescent with many different gemstone beads, a geometric dreamcatcher that is both 2D and 3D

- Titanium gives energy of strength + stability to any stone it coats. Agate is a very grounding stone that can also calm + sooth.



- Titanium Agate gemstone centre pendant

- Single hoop weave hovering within a double-hoop Meridian structure

- Black hemp twine weave

- Titanium Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, Green Aventurine + black wood beads

- Black ostrich, peacock point + black coque feathers

- Brass chains with Blue Goldstone point pendants (x4)

- Gold + silver metal finishings



INCHES: 12"Dia x 24"L

CM: 30.5 Dia x 61 L


CREATED: June 2019


  • A gift that would be appreciated by any woman! Great as a birthday or Christmas gift!

  • This Pendulum design is fairly new for me and I am really enjoying making new variations of it based on all my collection styles. This Pendulum was inspired by the iridescent peacock point feathers I already had adorning my desk waiting for the right creation. An eclectic mix of feathers and beads was used, especially a variety of different gemstones. The Blue Goldstone points hanging around the bottom are from Kelly of Sacred Gemstone who always has the most magical crystals!