- Earthy + simple traditional dreamcatcher with warm tones

- Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment, it emanates a comforting energy and boosts creativity



- Red Jasper centre pendant with silver cap (from Poland)

- Natural + brown hemp twine weave

- Wood, bone beads

- Carved wooden spike beads

- Pheasant + chicken feathers (naturally-shed + personally collected locally)

- Silver metal finishings



INCHES: 7"Dia x 24"L

CM: 18 Dia x 61 L


CREATED: May 2020


  • Continueing to work with collected materials as purchasing materials is a bit more challenging in the time of this lockdown in Toronto. But this makes it a bit more fun sometimes as an artist!


    The silver-capped Jasper pendant was brought from Poland by my father, Poland has a beautiful variety of gemstones which form all over the country and silver is a very available resource as well. The chicken feathers I collected myself while visiting a friend up north in Bancroft a couple years ago who has his own chickens, how can I resist gathering them!

  • A perfect gift for any nature lover or naturalist, the rich earthy tones are sure to please.