Geometric Sculpture

- Futuristic yet tribal chandelier decor
- Hypersthene is a very powerful stone which can help in self-confidence + emotional expression
- Hematite is an excellent stone for absorbing negative energies + grounding

- Hypersthene + Hematite stone centre pendant
- Triple hoop weave with black, natural + moss grey hemp twine
- Various metal chains
- Hand-wrapped metal hoops with black imitation sinew
- Silver metal finishings

INCHES: 12"Dia x 28"L

CM: 30.5 Dia x 71 L


CREATED: August 2016


$380.00 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price
  • I can't say that I remember exactly how I first got the inspiration for this design but it was really a strong spark! Creating in this way allows me to make vegan designs and also play with the chandelier concept. I also love to work with chain and especially combining a variety of them together.


    The colour concept of this one was inspired by my first Atom DreamCatcher, the Black Agate - NEBULA Atom, which went viral on Facebook in January 2016. 

  • Any strong man in your life will thoroughly appreciate this design. But its definitely not restricted to only men. Its minimal and sleek with strong gemstone energy. A wedding gift for a bold couple may be its destiny!