Sacred Geometry Art | Futuristic Design

- Inspired by the iconic film "The Matrix" based on a holographic dimension
- Hypersthene is a very powerful stone which can help in self-confidence + emotional expression

- Hypersthene gemstone centre pendant
- Triple hoop weave with black hemp twine + flouro green string centre
- Various aluminum chains
- Hand-wrapped hoops with black imitation sinew
- Silver metal finishings

INCHES: 10"Dia x 27"L

CM: 25.5 Dia x 69 L


CREATED: December 2017


C$280.00 Regular Price
C$220.00Sale Price
  • The inspiration of this piece was from a combination of the Matrix movie series, and my previous experience (from way back) in the psytrance music scene where blacklight art and decor was an essential part of the experience. Creating psychedelic landscapes with 3D art was a passion of mine for a long time in my early 20's.


    The flouro green fishing line in the centre of this weave has a particularly special story. A friend of mine, Mike D, a fellow lover of all things psychedelic and also an inspiring rainbow warrior, was the one to bring this beautiful string to one of our BlackLight Activists (BLA) events, OM Festival in Killaloe, Summer of 2003. I used some of the string to weave a giant web in one of the geodesic domes he constructed. After the festival was over I couldn't bare to see the string get thrown out so I cut out the edges and saved it. This Atom was the second time I used this string, it sat in a small bag all tangled up for years, just untangling it even took some time but it's worth it.


    Mike D passed away the following year, February 2004. This flourescent green string will always remind me of him and his amazing energy remains strong in this psychedelic creation which I know he would truly appreciate!

  • This Atom is very masculine, but any lover of sci-fi or the cosmos will also appreciate it. I personally love sci-fi, there are so many movies I'd love to jump into. Not too many women I know love sci-fi but maybe you do ;p


    Birthdays or Christmas would be ideal gift times for this Atom.