Black 3D DreamCatcher | Sacred Geometric Art



- Feminine + luxurious dreamcatcher full of sparkle

- Crystal energy is very cleansing + clearing



- Crystal Prism centre pendant

- Triple-hoop weave with black hemp + white acrylic twine

- Black + clear glass crystal + brass beads

- Black ostrich feathers

- Hand-wrapped hoops in black imitation sinew, one in brass

- Gold metal finishings


INCHES: 10"Dia x 32"L

CM: 25.5 Dia x 81 L


CREATED: March 2018


  • This one I truly adore! Some are just more "me" than others and I really feel this one. It was so fun to make and the result really excited me. 


    Black and white is a statement. Its striking and timeless. Such opposites are symbolic. As I was weaving this one I was thinking about the cultural diversity on this planet and how its such a beautiful thing! If only all of humanity could embrace it rather than look at one as more superior or better than the other. We are all one and all equal. Our differences are just on the surface. Duality is an illusion but holds many lessons.


    This Axis looks like a luxurious bird or being in mid-flight, it has movement and makes you look up.

  • For me this one is very feminine, very sparkly and luxurious. It would be an amazing birthday or anniversary gift for the woman in your life. Or also a wedding gift for lovers of deep dark sparkle.