Natural Traditional DreamCatcher



- Raw, rustic + vegan 2D dreamcatcher made with all natural African style and materials

- Amber transmutes negative energy into positive, and emits a sunny and bright energy which calms the nerves. Stimulates the crown chakra.

- Tiger Eye combines the energy of sun and sand, emitting a very positive and inspiring energy



- Amber (inside a coconut bead), tiger eye + ugba bean seed centre pendant

- Jute + brown hemp twine weave

- Large wood + ugba seed beads

- Metal hoop wrapped in brown imitation sinew


INCHES: 14" Dia x 40"L

CM: 35.5 D x 102 L


CREATED: March 2020


  • This dreamcatcher was simply inspired by my Ugba Orb Chandelier, it has the exact same materials minus the lighting hardware. So if you were a fan of that chandelier but not ready for a light purchase then you will be very happy with this traditional 2D design!

    Ugba bean seeds come from Nigeria, they are a staple food there with many beneficial nutritional properties. These beans came from event decor company closing sale, I held on to them for years and then finally drilled them and used them a couple years ago. It has a wonderful energy in dry form and I loved using it in this African inspired creation.

  • This design is natural, raw, vegan and embodies African sunny energy. A piece like this will look good in almost any home with all the wood elements. A gift idea for birthdays, christmas, housewarmings or weddings.