January 16, 2016

January 6th, 2016... The day of the Epiphany... Also the day that changed my life forever.

Thanks to the spontaneous discovery and posting of my art on Facebook by Dj llucinate from the US, my new Black Agate - NEBULA Atom DreamCatcher went completely viral! I didn't find out about the original post until two days later totally by chance as I wasn't very much of a Facebook user. I was blown away to see that it was at almost 2000 shares within 48 hours. The positivity and support which started to come my way was completely amazing! I never would have imagined such a global response to one of my creations. Especially that this dreamcatcher was truly created from my core, more than any weave I've ever ma...

December 10, 2015

It's finally here!


The much aniticipated Bedroom Reveal in the vintage Airstream of the lovely Sarah Loven, Arizona based bohemian fashion blogger. This was a collaboration I very gladly jumped on! Gorgeous photographs full of inspiring backgrounds and fabulous fashion, Sarah and her partner Josh are a nomadic duo who are amazing at what they do. Sarah hand-picked my Crystal Prism - Orb DreamCatcher to feature in one of for her upcoming campaigns and I was so excited to find out it will be part of their Airstream Bedroom Reveal! The blog was posted yesterday and I was completely wowed by the stunning outcome of this collaboration! And to be on board with so many great brands!



Sarah is exquisit...

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