March 12, 2018

When the idea to share my story first popped into my head last week, I thought I might be a bit crazy to share something so deeply personal. This was the most traumatizing experience of my life. But I realized how important it was for me to get it out and give it exposure, to spread awareness on this global issue. I felt ready. So here I go..

End of November 2015, during my very brief second attemp at online dating, I got a message from Jay D’Andrea. A message that was not your average online pick-up line, it was sweet, intelligent, and sensitive. A quick view of Jay’s profile and photos and I was intrigued, he seemed nice, interesting and attractive. He was in Turkey and told me he was half Polish (s...

January 16, 2016

January 6th, 2016... The day of the Epiphany... Also the day that changed my life forever.

Thanks to the spontaneous discovery and posting of my art on Facebook by Dj llucinate from the US, my new Black Agate - NEBULA Atom DreamCatcher went completely viral! I didn't find out about the original post until two days later totally by chance as I wasn't very much of a Facebook user. I was blown away to see that it was at almost 2000 shares within 48 hours. The positivity and support which started to come my way was completely amazing! I never would have imagined such a global response to one of my creations. Especially that this dreamcatcher was truly created from my core, more than any weave I've ever ma...

December 10, 2015

It's finally here!


The much aniticipated Bedroom Reveal in the vintage Airstream of the lovely Sarah Loven, Arizona based bohemian fashion blogger. This was a collaboration I very gladly jumped on! Gorgeous photographs full of inspiring backgrounds and fabulous fashion, Sarah and her partner Josh are a nomadic duo who are amazing at what they do. Sarah hand-picked my Crystal Prism - Orb DreamCatcher to feature in one of for her upcoming campaigns and I was so excited to find out it will be part of their Airstream Bedroom Reveal! The blog was posted yesterday and I was completely wowed by the stunning outcome of this collaboration! And to be on board with so many great brands!



Sarah is exquisit...

We all have a tendency to accumulate various things over time and when it comes to organizing or sorting, it can get a little overwhelming. Most people really don’t enjoy organizing or de-cluttering, but I actually really do! It has always come naturally to me for some reason. I see organized and un-cluttered space as a luxury. Also its less to clean and less to move (when that time comes). In every home, there are things that are necessities and things that aren’t. But some of the “uneccessaries” we collect are actually necessaries to us on a personal level. They can have sentimental value, reminding us of a special time, a special someone or sometimes we just hold on to it for reasons we aren’t even aware of...

February 27, 2015

2014 was a year of many big questions and equally, of many big answers for me. Realizations and light poured into my life as if I had broken open a dam which had been waiting to be destroyed. If you know anything about dams, they block essential life giving water to the regions downstream. These types of blocks within us become formed in many ways, and like Rome, they aren’t built in a day. Years and years of negative patterns formed by fear, cause us to become resistant and build a “protective” barrier to the outside world. We protect ourselves from failure, rejection, growth, change, and success. Even love can seem scary if we are not ready to accept it or feel that we deserve it. This protection is usually...

August 1, 2014

Minimalism: a style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simpicity


Many see minimalism as a modern trend, but most trends reflect social, political and environmental issues in our society. As our lives become more complex, the need for simplicity is becoming widely acknowledged. A minimalistic approach to interior design is very earth friendly. Making the most of the least helps conserve our natural resources, which are rapidly becoming less abundant.


Minimalism is also very beneficial mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our minds have become over-worked and stressed processing every detail in or everyday lives. Simplifying our surroundings allows us to become more clear minded a...

August 1, 2013

The Gift Network is an online retailer which features independant Canadian boutiques. TGN created a great promo video which highlighted a few of their partnering local boutiques and their products.


The AGA AZRA Chyrsoprase - 3D DreamCatcher was given special recognition as a handmade local craft selling at Zenporium in Leslieville, Toronto along with the Tea Tree Sculpture and a couple other of their eco gems.


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